The Beginning

15 Mar 2020

The Beginning

This is a good a place as any to Begin telling my Story. The current Point I’m at is just having finished V1.0 of my Website and Writing the First “Proper” blog post that will be added.

Exciting times they are. Spent a lot of work to get to this point learning a whole new Language and Framework but in the end I have arrived at this point and I don’t think I will regret it.

Why am I writing a Blog?

The actual Reason is because my Teacher told me to. But I like to think I also made it partially because I just wanted to try writing. I have always liked reading books and have often fallen in love with stories so I would like to tell my own. Although this isn’t me trying to Write a Novel or Short Story… What I write is Very Different and goes back to why my Teacher asked me to Create one. Our uni has a Messaging channel where all students can Exchange Information and show off what they are working on. We have Specialized Channels for each Branch so (Programming, Art, Design) and each student only has access to the channel they are studying in. Well our channel (Programming) has had Multiple Partitions started to name it after me…


Here is a Great Image of the Stats in that channel: ]([

All the Other Names are Edited out for Privacy Reasons

I would often Times post about my Findings with Particular Features of Problems I had and how I solved them. I also Talked to the other students about the Code and managed to Rack up quite a Few Messages.## The Website itself. It Took me just over 26 Hours to Create and Was made in the time frame of about a week.


The Blue is the Website and Green is my Uni Assessment

It was Created in Dart and AngularDart as its Framework. Its a very good Language Sitting Between C# and JS with great features from both but isn’t quite the perfect language for me. I will Probably Write a Whole post on My experience with it so I don’t want to talk too much right now but I wanted to Mention that I’m using SCSS opposed to CSS because of its Beautiful layout and Superior features.

What now?

Well if you have read this far I congratulate you. This is hopefully the beginning of a Whole series of me Ranting about Lots of Different Topics to do with Programming and Computers in General. I will try and Improve the Website Incrementally and Add additional Features such as Subscriptions and Playable Unity Demo’s but Nothing is clear yet. For now check back every now and then to see any Updates or Contact me in any way that suits you.

Thank you ❤️